St. John Bosco, commonly known as Don Bosco, was born on 16th August, 1815 at Becchi, a village near Turin, Italy. At the age of two, his father died. John who was to become the father of orphans, became an orphan himself at such a tender age.

Through heroic sacrifices and by dint of hard work he became a priest in 1841. As a priest, he dedicated himself to the service of youth, especially the poor and marginalized, by offering them food, lodging and education.

Through the help of generous persons he opened formal and non-formal schools, technical schools, hostels and other institutions. Soon he founded a society of collaborators and extended his work to all Europe and later to other continents.

Don Bosco was one of the greatest educators of the last century. He died on 31 January 1888 at the age of 73. Don Bosco was declared a Saint of the Catholic Church on 1st April 1943. His work was done. He saw his Society grow up into a big organization with three main branches : the Fathers & Brothers, Sisters and the Cooperators. Millions are now the past pupils of Don Bosco, all over the world. They are proud of the education and the values they have received in the school. Among them can be counted many who have excelled in life and who occupy places of great responsibility in different countries